EZ-Robot Personal Robot Complete Kit and EZ-B Controller Introduction

Available at: http://www.aprohobbies.com/ezrobot-personal-robotic-complete-with-controller-p-540.html

*The EZ-Robot Complete Kit gives your toys personality! Personalize old toys into new robot companions. Transform your old toys into autonomous, color tracking, remote control and smart robots. You can do it too! Simply use a glue gun and a dremel to add our camera, servos and sensors to your new friend. With our innovative platform, you can finally create the robot companion of your dreams!

*Are you ready to experience the power and simplicity of the world’s most complete robot kit? EZ-Robot’s innovative platform includes the hardware and software that DJ Sures uses to personalize his robot companions. Now you can too!

*You demand more from your robots than simple remote control and complex microcontroller code. EZ-Robot supports many robot platforms! Introduce EZ-Robot to your Custom Robot, AR Parrot Drone or Brookstone Rover and watch it come to life! Includes Speech Recognition, Vision Color/Face/Motion Camera Tracking, Glyph Recognition, Joystick/Wii remote, HTTP Server, Mobile Device Support, Custom Scripting (C#/VB/EZ-Script), Object Avoidance, and hundreds of more features.

*Simplicity and Power are reasons EZ-Robot has been the driving force behind countless robots for Hobbyists, Competitions, Schools and R&D Facilities. We are committed to maintain ongoing development by implementing new features to increase the personality of your robot companion.

*This powerful platform accommodates beginner and advanced builders by providing a graphical control interface, custom scripting, and a full-featured SDK. Personalize your robot with a unique personality!

*Why settle for a complicated microcontroller when you can give your EZ-Robot the priceless gift of life!

*More Details At: http://www.aprohobbies.com/ezrobot-controller-personal-robotic-complete-p-540.html

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  1. pretty cool. I have …
    pretty cool. I have been looking for a kit like this. higher current? would be better to convert larger toys

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