homemade walking robot

Mr. moo is the 3 rd walking robot that i built.
Mr. Moo made out of :
2 tabasco bottles lids, an old toys gearbox, 1 AAA battery pack, 3 mm screw & bold, an old toys switch
pairs of wires, a folded can, 3 mm coat hanger wire, 2 LEDs and terminal blocks.
Mr. moo is junk bot

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Duration : 0:1:1

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24 thoughts on “homemade walking robot

  1. I’d like to see you …
    I’d like to see you create controllable version that? isn’t to much bigger

  2. love the humanoid …
    love the humanoid walking action on this! ? a solar-powered one would be cool.

  3. hmmmm its not …
    hmmmm its not actually a robot not? programmed but anyways great work!

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