EZ-Robot Complete Kit Introduction

Visit www.ez-robot.com to get your EZ-Robot Complete Kit!

The age of Personal Robotics is rapidly approaching, don’t get left behind! EZ-Robot has made building robots easy, powerful and fun!

Canadian founded by DJ Sures, EZ-Robot offers an easy, innovative and powerful platform to build your dream robots. The EZ-B is a robot controller that connects to your computer over Bluetooth. Use the included EZ-Builder Software or EZ-SDK on your computer and control the output of the EZ-B Robot Controller. Add a range of peripherals to your EZ-Robot Project; including Cameras, Joysticks, Distance Sensors, LEDs, Servos, Digital Displays, Motor Controllers, iRobot Roomba, and more. Watch Tutorial Videos to see what EZ-Robot can do!

EZ-Robot was founded by Canadian Roboticist DJ Sures, who is the creator of many popular robots. Combining his vast knowledge and experience of robotics, EZ-Robot has been designed as an all-in-one hardware and software solution for robotics. The circuit board contains a powerful voltage regulator, a Bluetooth antenna module, digital I/O, ADC, servo control, serial ports, TellyMate interface, and more!

Our robot controller supports the EZ-Builder software interface to control your robot, without even needing to program! Watch the Video Tutorials to see how easy it is to add Camera Vision Tracking, Speech Recognition, Joystick Control and more to your robot without writing any code!

For those interested in programming, the .Net EZ-SDK exposes the advanced EZ-B features. Including camera tracking, facial tracking, speech recognition, speech synthesis, and more.

You can quickly recognize how the EZ-Robot Project was designed for reusable scalability. Build many DIY Robots with a single EZ-B Controller by simply moving the board between projects.

Visit www.ez-robot.com to get your EZ-Robot Complete Kit!

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23 thoughts on “EZ-Robot Complete Kit Introduction

  1. with this kit can …
    with this kit can you use a Wi-Fi connection to control a robot with an ipad? mini.

  2. im? just 11 but i …
    im? just 11 but i really want it
    i just wish some things are free :c

  3. Does custom …
    Does custom scripting allow? easy communication with micro-controllers? If I can get serial I/O, you can definitely count on me buying this!

  4. I don’t want to get …
    I don’t want to get a camera when I order my e-z robot kit and get a bit of money back to purchase the? camera

  5. Hello, this kit …
    Hello, this kit works with EZ-Builder, which is? more powerful and easier than MS Robotics Studio.:) You can find the software as a free download from our website.

  6. would this work …
    would this work with the? Windows Robotics Developer Suit? Sorry I am new to this and I am just learning 🙂 haha follwing some books and stuff xD

  7. Anytime dude! We …
    Anytime dude! We all need to stick together 🙂 I’m not into competition – more into sharing! We’ll have to get you an EZ-Robot won’t we :D? .. BTW, I dig that you use lots of smiley’s

  8. yea sure :), it …
    yea sure :), it would be if i had ez-robot 🙂
    (at the moment i work with lose micro controllers.
    i follow all of the vids you put up, and i see that we’re changing the world 🙂
    keep on the good work it’s awesome 🙂

    thanks for? the reply’s!

  9. There is a linux …
    There is a linux codebase started on google code repo by some supporting fans. We support Windows because of our limited resources (i.e. there is only one developer = DJ Sures). We’d love to see more platforms supported and encourage others to jump on the robot revolution! Thousands already have joined the Windows platform – Many have converted from Apple to? Windows just for EZ-Robot 🙂 … I’m quite sure EZ-Robot is more necessary than gaming! We’re changing the world here 😀

  10. question though, is …
    question though, is the code linux portable :)? (i only use windows if necessary like gaming :P)?

  11. Then you’ll want to …
    Then you’ll want to use the EZ-SDK. All of the code for every control in EZ-Builder is available for you to modify or create your own. You can extend? the video capture with OpenCV or add custom libraries. And if there are features within EZ-Builder that you want to use, you can use the built-in scripting to create your own controls and share with other users with EZ-Cloud. It’s all about sharing 🙂 That’s what makes it graphical!

  12. i don’t’want to …
    i don’t’want to build it like that, i want to build it in code …? :S

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