Never Fall Robot Physics Toy ~ Incredible Science

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Introducing the incredible wind up never fall robot! This amazing little robot always knows where the edge of the table is. When he arrives at the precipice, he will stop, turn around in the opposite direction and keep on going! Wind it up, place it on a table and watch it drive around and as soon as it reaches the edge, it amazingly turns and changes direction.

Observe Newton’s Third Law of Motion in action. It’s action, reaction, and fun all in one. Get one or get a few and watch in amazement as these robots never fall off the edge of the table. Wind them up and watch ’em go. The science lies behind the perpendicular middle wheel under the car which automatically veers the robot away from going over the edge. It has two back wheels that power the robot, two front sensor wheels and one middle perpendicular wheel. As soon as the front wheels start to go off the edge of the table, the robot lowers a bit which then causes the middle perpendicular wheel to hit the table and turns the car back onto the table driving surface. It’s amazing, fun and educational.

Incredible Science Fun Learning Ideas:

Great item to demonstrate and teach Newton’s Third Law of Motion
Gravity and object avoidance.
Discover the science behind it and the magic of the 5th horizontal wheel under the robot. Can you figure out how it always manages to stay on the table and never fall off the edge?

Duration : 0:1:28

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  1. Also, never braking …
    Also, never braking when pushed by a medieval blue robot
    WANTED –

  2. lol, why dont they …
    lol, why dont they fall? whats the trick?? and did you make those? or did someone else?

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