Arduino Music

I got an Arduino and found some code that plays music. This code was meant for three piezo speakers, but I only had a regular speaker and one piezo speaker.

Link to the video of the creator here:

Duration : 0:2:30

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10 thoughts on “Arduino Music

  1. Im an electrical …
    Im an electrical engineer, and? I pronounce it his way. I’m probably wrong, but don’t care.

  2. Actually I know? …
    Actually I know? several electrical engineers that pronounce it the way he does. I guess its just part of the local dialect.

  3. Amazing. How did u …
    Amazing. How did u get such loud sound? What is the speaker u are using, and how is it connected? Could you please post? a schematic!

  4. How did you upload …
    How did you upload his code, i cant seem to work it? out! 🙁 I keep getting compiling errors! :/

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