I haven’t seen this in it’s entirety uploaded on here – so here’s a rip from my DVD. For your own DVD copy I suggest ordering it from Team Nightmare’s store at

Bracket Results –
Super Heavyweight

This was later used as a pilot for the show! And it worked apparently!

Duration : 2:4:51

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  1. Except at Long …
    Except at Long Beach 99 Razer lost it’s only match – against Voltarc.? It went 3w 2l at Vegas, but regardless – the builders knew they needed a kinetic weapon for the type of robots the americans were building.

  2. You’re forgetting, …
    You’re forgetting, in the first Battlebots, Razer won the rumble and won most of? it’s fights.

  3. razer didn’t have a …
    razer didn’t have a grip on voltronic. voltronics arm was? up and razers beak was in the slot where the arm rests and also at the bottom of the wedge so it dind’t have much to attempt to grip anyways.

  4. Thank you …
    Thank you sooooooooo much for uploading this.
    I have been trying? to find this for a long time

  5. I’m sure SLAM …
    I’m sure SLAM learned it’s lesson to put chains on the body. And look what it did, it got its revenge on Minion in the superheavyweight? rumble

  6. By 1999, Razer …
    By 1999, Razer couldn’t pierce through much. Eventually the Beak on razer was mostly used to bend shafts on tires and just as a way to move other robots to the pit, etc. Razer didn’t do well in either Battlebot tournament, and? a Razer style robot wouldn’t fare well now at all. Armor IIRC for Voltarc was 7075 Aluminium mounted onto a linked frame with several supporting trusses throughout (typical American style robot chassis)

  7. 0:07:18

    What was …

    What was Voltarc’s armour made out? of? Because if Razer can’t even pearce through it…WOW.

  8. good old par per …
    good old par per view time Battlebots? one of the best event ever watched, and we wish battlebots want to be back on TV

  9. Awesome video! …
    Awesome video! Always wanted to see the old school PPV shows, cool to see the veterans? go at it early on in the battlebots series

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