A Cute Shotgun Activated Robot Toy !

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“Shotgun Activated Robot Toy”

This is a new little simple robot that works with sound signals or light radiation.

as soon as it hears a noise, it runs and keeps walking until it hears another sound.

the light intensity or sound pressure to activate those sensors, are controllable by 2 variable resistors.

if there is not 2nd sound then it stops automatically after a while.

it comes with several Mechanical parts to run, and some electronic components for controlling the motor.

it works with only one Double A size battery.

having fun with soldering the electronics based on a schematic diagram.

the manual was in very detail and easy, all instructions were printed step by step.

so i didn’t have problem with it.

and this is what i finally got after putting all parts together. A round shaped Alien Style Robot !

then i thought it would be much fun to activate the robot using this Gun.

these bullets are small but they are making really crazy loud bang !

now you see.

Printable Schematic Diagram On Google Documents,
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To See The Maker Company’s Homepage:
Google : Elekit Japan

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23 thoughts on “A Cute Shotgun Activated Robot Toy !

  1. wtf – we have …
    wtf – we have enough? toys’r’ us in germany here,but guns like this are forbidden here LOL :- (

  2. Wow Japan sounds …
    Wow Japan sounds really nice.
    Do you know the name of the gun or the manufacture?
    At the big market do they pay rent or does anybody get to? walk in and just start selling?

  3. here in Japan “Toys …
    here in Japan “Toys R Us” is full of toys, but? for kids only,? not cool for hobby men.

    there are other shops that are full of Japanese products, and they are very cool and interesting stuff, i usually go there on free times.

    in Tokyo there is a very big Market, full of electronic stuff “Akihabarah”

    you can sell anything you have made by yourself or buy from others.

    put some coins in the CNC machine, it turns your own designed schematic to a real electronic circuit.

  4. yea that is the …
    yea that is the difficult part, i can’t read Japanese characters, but i was lucky,
    there were graphics and pictures beside each text, i? just used them 🙂
    i contacted the company, they said the product is for sell only in Japan, so i guess that is the reason it is not in English.

  5. this is not a …
    this is not a promotion video, it is my own robot, just because i like the robot, wanted to share with you. please don’t dislike it 🙂

    my next DIY projects are on the run, soon would be up after editing finished.

    i went from CS5 to CS6 with RAID, MANY CHANGES, soon you? will see new videos? though better than before.

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