Teksta The New Robotic Interactive Puppy Dog Toy Demonstration

Character Options is relaunching its 1990’s robotic pup Teksta. The original Teksta sold eight million units in 1999. The 2013 version has been revampted with super cool technology. It will respond to voice, has hand gesture technology, responds to physical gestures, lights and sounds. There is also a smartphone app. Tipped to be top selling toy this Christmas.

Filmed by Clubit.tv at The London Toy Fair 2013

Duration : 0:3:24

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17 thoughts on “Teksta The New Robotic Interactive Puppy Dog Toy Demonstration

  1. love this toy!!! …
    love this toy!!! went to pick mine up today from argos,? last one in stock 🙂

  2. I’m thinking about …
    I’m thinking about getting this this Christmas! It’s awesome! : P?

  3. iPad app has NONE …
    iPad app has NONE of the options shown in this video to alter volume, set clock, download song, choose dance routine, make cybercall, mimic friend etc. They’re ALL? vapour features. Bone doesn’t light up either. With perseverance, I got it to do most things? but TBH seriously underwhelmed. Child used for about an hour then wanted Horrid Henry back on.

  4. For the? price it’s …
    For the? price it’s pretty crap my sons had it for a few hours and its walked once

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