The $35 Computer Raspberry Pi Unboxing, SD Card Setup & 1st Boot

I am — Congrats to anyone getting a Raspberry Pi for the holidays! Google: “pi noobs” for a better experience than was available a year ago when I made this video!


Spec’s: Broadcom SoC ARM11 (ARM v6) 700MHz with a game console caliber GPU
Yes, it runs Minecraft.
No, there’s no WiFi but you can get a $5 dongle.
No, it does not run Windows. Not even Win RT / Win 8 for ARM.
You can order them from element 14 or RS Components.
Correct, there’s no case but there are plenty of options.
No, it’s not as powerful as your PC but that’s not the point.
Download the software at

Duration : 0:8:35

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25 thoughts on “The $35 Computer Raspberry Pi Unboxing, SD Card Setup & 1st Boot

  1. hi, mike. I like …
    hi, mike. I like your candid, un-edited style. very much appreciated! this
    is prolly a silly question: but, is the unit powerful enough to run
    Netflix? I’m guessing now .. but wanted to confirm. P.S. I first
    programmed on a Commodore 64! :)?

  2. Im playing cod …
    Im playing cod ghost and battle field 4 with this right now! The ultimate
    monster gaming pc?

  3. It’s like computers …
    It’s like computers for the masses of Asia! We should make Raspberry Pi and
    a small screen, similar to a phone’s screen, with a simple scroll pad, for
    people in India! Cheap, useful… but we can go cheaper… ?

  4. Wait. So this thing …
    Wait. So this thing runs Ubuntu? You can use it just like a normal Ubuntu
    pc? damn. I heard it was good for developers and learning to code, or

  5. Maybe you can …
    Maybe you can answer this question for me. On the top of the pi, there are
    two connectors with white holders around them (one right near the ethernet
    jack, and one right above the SD Card holder). What are these for?
    Raspberry PI Model B Revision 2.?

  6. what the fuck, …
    what the fuck, supernerd? (not trying to be mean, thats epic) you have
    like… everything?

  7. The cables are they …
    The cables are they in the box too or do you have to buy them?

  8. What’s with the …
    What’s with the creepy “Mike Rowe” subliminal messaging at 3:01?

  9. +Mike Levin Thanks …
    +Mike Levin Thanks for your awesome video. I just learned about Arduinos
    from +Computerphile today and they had some footage of the Raspberry Pi
    that can be used with it. Very good to see this come out of the box & boot
    up. Have a great holiday & happy New Year!?

  10. Can you hook up …
    Can you hook up external devices on this like Ram, more disk space and what
    This would be amazing putting it inside a car. Small, portable and does the

  11. Can I flash the …
    Can I flash the system with Linux Ubuntu 13.10? I am a new ubuntu user and
    I can ‘t flash other computers in my house because it could cause problems
    for them.?

  12. You sir are awesome …
    You sir are awesome! I am definitely getting a raspberry pi!?

  13. I will let you know …
    I will let you know how the project turns out. Itchy fingers come on Santa

  14. This looks a bit of …
    This looks a bit of a faff. Just get an SD card with NOOBs already on it.
    And should boot up a lot faster. You should also get a Configuration menu
    on first Boot, and choice of OS to unpack and install.?

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