Build a Retro Computer: The Raspberry Pi!

You have been asking for it, so we’re finally bringing it to you! A retro computer for only about $35? Watch Ben build a retro-styled computer using the Raspberry Pi!

So what was your favorite retro computer that got you tinkering? Leave your answers in the comments!

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Duration : 0:15:10

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25 thoughts on “Build a Retro Computer: The Raspberry Pi!

  1. doesn’t have screw …
    doesn’t have screw holes? *looks at board* what on earth is he talking
    about? of course it has screw holes?

  2. I about died at 6: …
    I about died at 6:48. Lol. I got all excited about there being other uses
    for the brackets. And then….. laughter. ?

  3. my raspberry pi has …
    my raspberry pi has screw mounts and it’s made in the UK, do the china ones
    not have that??

  4. I would love to see …
    I would love to see you build a Virtual Gaming system That would be like if
    you stood on a platform and put a a helmet, gloves, coat, and boots you
    would be put into/playing a video game!?

  5. it would be awesome …
    it would be awesome to to have one of theese standing next to my vic-20?

  6. Sweet I have been …
    Sweet I have been thinking about a design for a raspberry pi case and that
    design would be perfect! ?

  7. im crazy to say …
    im crazy to say this… could you try to make a basic artificial

  8. Am I the only one …
    Am I the only one who thinks the Raspberry Pi should be designed like

  9. “No bigger than a …
    “No bigger than a briefcase.” Man, I swear I’ve heard that before.?

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