Build Your Own Portable Raspberry Pi (Part 1)

Ben gets to work on a Raspberry Pi gaming device you can take anywhere. In part one Ben gets the electronics working and installs MAME on the Raspberry Pi.

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Duration : 0:18:56

[youtube dUZjzQuTNX4]

25 thoughts on “Build Your Own Portable Raspberry Pi (Part 1)

  1. Ben builds a …
    Ben builds a portable #RaspberryPi that runs #MAME to play games.
    Nintendo 3D what??

  2. New episode! This …
    New episode! This week, Ben shows you how to build a portable #RaspberryPi computer. PLUS!
    +element14 is giving away a bunch of Raspberry Pi goodies. Check out the
    video description for info on how to win?

  3. Can anyone tell me …
    Can anyone tell me what ‘field of work this is, I like this kind of stuff
    so I want to start studying this early so I can do this for maybe a living,
    if that’s ok- ?

  4. Sorry i’m a bit of …
    Sorry i’m a bit of a newb when it comes to DIY stuff like this but when he
    shows the new joystick at 16:30 was he using a breadboard to connect
    everything or something different??

  5. Does anyone know …
    Does anyone know how to charge a laptop without a charger…? Also, could
    you PM me?….. ‘Cuz I can’t see comment replies anymore………. :(?

  6. can you do this …
    can you do this with free energy using magnetic instead of battery??

  7. 17:50 I’ve never …
    17:50 I’ve never worn those wrist strap things or used a grounded mat on my
    workbench or table. Ever. In over 30 years I’ve never had an issue with
    static. I tend to touch things that discharge any static on me before I’m
    touching something I plan to keep.?

  8. Hi Ben. I’m 14 and …
    Hi Ben. I’m 14 and last week I got my Pi portable. But what you could do is
    bypass the voltage regulator on the LCD screen. The screen runs off of a 12
    volt car battery, but it steps it down to 5 volts. Just solder it to the
    first capacitor’s second terminal. Then you can run it off one battery!

  9. How’d you get the …
    How’d you get the LCD display to connect to the GPIO pins? How does that

  10. This is really cool …
    This is really cool and I wanna get one of these soo u know where I xan get

  11. what about building …
    what about building a bench power supply out of an old PC PSU????

  12. Could you try a …
    Could you try a tutorial on a soldering iron and how to properly take care
    of it??

  13. Need to make 1 in …
    Need to make 1 in the school
    I’m on the 7th 🙂
    Can I use a 9wolts battery??

  14. I personally would …
    I personally would have made a USB slot in the very bottom center to
    directly put a USB keyboard in like with the USB XBOX Keyboards for
    controllers. 😀 But nice work! :)?

  15. Can I buy a …
    Can I buy a portable raspberry pi off you ? Name your price?

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