interactive hexapod robot [ kinetic art ] by Matt Denton

“i.c. Hexapod” interacts with people by following them around. If his gaze is held long enough, he takes a picture and uploads it to a website: (Not always on-line ) Music: Vipco by AiM.

Duration : 0:2:19

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25 thoughts on “interactive hexapod robot [ kinetic art ] by Matt Denton

  1. that is not what …
    that is not what the government had in mind until you put it in their mind.. thanks a lot. now its your fault when robots attack. lol

    this was awesome except for 2 mins of having some guy stick his face near the camera, but whatev. would like to see the robot do more

  2. that’s it… it’s …
    that’s it… it’s not long till the government gets a hold of one of these and duplicates it, then we’ll have a whole bunch of creepy robot spiders sneaking into your home and silently photographing/killing you…lol that’s awesome keep up the good work!!

  3. The main control …
    The main control for the servos is on board in a microcontroller. I think the camera tracking was processed by a separate PC.

  4. Kind of.
    The motion …

    Kind of.
    The motion control is entirely on board see his other videos, but I read elsewhere that the face tracking analysis is done on a separate PC which sends instructions to the on board computer to keep the camera pointing at the face.

  5. wow thats amazing ! …
    wow thats amazing !! the spider movemnt and enviroment senses r fantastic !!
    i will do my final year project a 6 legged spider robot, and i just wish i can do something like this, i know mine will be compraing to this LOL

  6. me gustaria que te …
    me gustaria que te brincara en la estupida cara y te matara pinche gringo mierda!!!!!hijo de george bush!!!mierda!!!!

  7. its like…i dont …
    its like…i dont want to look at u any more…i want to look at the camera… dont want 2 put the point in time it does…but its near the end

  8. I sure does walk, …
    I sure does walk, click on his name and view some of his other vids. This robot is V4b, so look for that one. It’s actually quite creepy because it walks so much like… well like a 6 legged spider.

  9. I love the way he …
    I love the way he bends pivots tilts and strafe’s on the spot.

    it give’s it an alive feel like its bending because your too close, or bending forward thinking ‘where have you gone?’


    i live in hastings new zealand and ive always wanted to go to weta workshop!

  10. Everytime it lifted …
    Everytime it lifted it’s front legs I flinched cause I thought it was just gonna stake that guy in the top of his head…..

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