It ain’t easy being a robot (MARM)

The task here was to 1) open the cabinet door, 2) put the object on the ground in the cabinet, 3) close the cabinet door. A task that might take a person a few seconds, my best time using the robot was several minutes.

For those who are interested in building something similar, there are some detailed close-up pics of the bot on the blog:
I wouldn’t recommend copying the design exactly, today you can do a better job with the new parts like rack gears for the claw and worm gears for the arm itself.

Duration : 0:7:34

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3 thoughts on “It ain’t easy being a robot (MARM)

  1. Thats cool what …
    Thats cool what parts did u use? I have a starter kit but theres not much you can do with it.

  2. you should have …
    you should have tried to open the door by pulling it the same direction as the cabinet hinges… might have been more effective

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