Easy Break Dance Moves : On the Floor CCs Break Dance Moves

Learn break dancing on the floor CCs steps with expert freestyle hip hop dance tips and techniques from a break dancing b-boy professional in this free instructional dancing online video clip.

Duration : 0:1:11

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23 thoughts on “Easy Break Dance Moves : On the Floor CCs Break Dance Moves

  1. It got so easy now! …
    It got so easy now!
    I thought that it was going to be really hard to learn to dance on the floor but this sure helped A LOT.

  2. ofcourse u …
    ofcourse u can.train them:p even kids(age 3 or sumthin)can breakdance:pits al about the praktice

  3. with the cc you …
    with the cc you gotta flick your longer leg out not slide it and then you gotta turn ove not too far but make it fast otherwise it looks like him

  4. would i be able to …
    would i be able to learn if i am a girl and have pretty thin and weak arms? leave me a message anyone i just gatta know.

  5. pssh.. these r …
    pssh.. these r basics.. if u wanna power move do flare and air flares and windmills. start with turtle plz 😀

  6. yo yo yo these are …
    yo yo yo these are just basics i already learnd all of them.
    anyone know where i can find advanced moves?

  7. yo every video by …
    yo every video by this guy is really helpfull i follwed each video and now im preety decent . Keep making this vids

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