Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot: 37 sec context

Here’s a 37 sec clip that talks about why the roach Controlled Robot was made, sort of, but not really. But it has no audio. Oh well. It has some images of space monkeys and dolphins with bomb-grabbers, though.

Duration : 0:0:37

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2 thoughts on “Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot: 37 sec context

  1. Dolphins that can …
    Dolphins that can implant underwater high explosives on enemy ships/submarines. Dogs trained to sniff or intentionally kill a human being. Monkeys sent to outer space to eventually die. These are among the capabilities of that other animal called man does nowadays which they summarily justify for the good of mankind.

  2. We so evil as a …
    We so evil as a race of beings, we corrupt even the most ignorant beasts with our tech. I find it very funny. Tanks controlled by roaches, priceless.

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