Easy Break Dance Moves : Speeding Up CC Break Dance Moves

Learn how to speed up CC break dance moves with expert freestyle hip hop dance tips and techniques from a break dancing b-boy professional in this free instructional dancing online video clip.

Duration : 0:1:5

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25 thoughts on “Easy Break Dance Moves : Speeding Up CC Break Dance Moves

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  2. the floor creeking …
    the floor creeking is annoying!! but good dancer, make longer videos and parts to videos im getting lost trying to find all your vids in sequences.

  3. I have no camera …
    I have no camera fast enough to capture motions of BBoying. I will tell you however that though this man teaches the basic concepts he is not making them high enough. You can notice this on 0:34 because all he did was bend his leg and barely raise it. Its suppose to go higher and if you want it to be higher then you do the other cc which involves turning. Either way your shoe draws a C in the motion and if its not high enough as demonstrated its not noticable and useless.

  4. Thats not how you …
    Thats not how you do it. All he did was move his leg to the side. There are far better tuts out there.

  5. i wouldnt even walk …
    i wouldnt even walk on that floor never mind break on it…sounds like its hollow beneath it.

  6. yo in da other vids …
    yo in da other vids where ur lik hit da floor move…u gtta teach us how to move wid it…

  7. any floor ci ci …
    any floor ci ci guides? I got the basics of it but I can’t seem to make it clean, and I’m also trying to finish it off with a blowup @ the end of my set :C

  8. too sloppy. gotta …
    too sloppy. gotta make it more clean. elevating your hip would do the work. Keep practicin

  9. man i luv the way u …
    man i luv the way u do in fast speed although i followed your steps i still can do that fast babe and wat sup with the movement at start during ur first video? jus to get the right time?

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