Robots and Lighting Kits : Your FX

Duplessis Studios shows us how to make a robotic arm and Nic Koch teaches you how to make a cheap lighting rig for your shoots. We also have a great montage of special effects submitted by you, the viewers. Oh yea, and Erik announces that Indy Mogul will be giving a free t-shirt to viewers whose tutorials we feature in each episode! Send in those tutorials for a chance to get a free Indy Mogul t-shirt.

Duration : 0:5:37

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25 thoughts on “Robots and Lighting Kits : Your FX

  1. bfx should try to …
    bfx should try to make a boot that has an ejecting knife in the toe like in the dark knight, wild wild west, and blade trinity

  2. Both of those songs …
    Both of those songs are packaged with Final Cut Studio (in Soundtrack Pro) as royalty-free music. I just can’t remember the exact titles of them.

  3. please for your …
    please for your next episode do easy fake ripable clothing! Say my name in the next episode is you do thisproject

  4. Thanks for your …
    Thanks for your comments, ElZomboFantasma. Your FX is a place where Indy Mogul can feature special effects created by viewers, but Best Short Films in the World is another show o Indy Mogul that tries to feature all kinds of independent cinema and not just films with special effects. If you’ve never seen BSFITW, it comes out every thursday. Let us know what you think.

  5. can you tell me/us …
    can you tell me/us where you got that cool looking screen saver thing of the earth rotating please

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