Pleo Rocks! : Courtesy of Ugobe/PleoWorld

A big thanks to Ugobe and Pleo World who gave me permission to share their blazingly fresh and wickedly cute new video of Pleo from the web site.

For more information on Pleo visit or

Duration : 0:1:6

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25 thoughts on “Pleo Rocks! : Courtesy of Ugobe/PleoWorld

  1. Got one in Sweden …
    Got one in Sweden for 999SEK (94EUR/120USD) when Toys’r Us had a sale. He is definately worth that! 🙂

  2. pleo is sooo …
    pleo is sooo adorable, my parents say i can get 1 in march 4 my birthday if the price has gonemdown

  3. if you put your …
    if you put your finger in its mouth it bites you yes. Does not recognize you yet and this is not a video this is the thing that is on the home page of Ugobe web site. Roboquad and pleo cannot be compared. Pleo is a robot not a remote control car with lets.

  4. well i found that …
    well i found that bestbuy sells them buy its 340$ and im not sure what to do? do you sell them? cause id love to buy one.

  5. basicly dolomite51 …
    basicly dolomite51 it’s the price i don’t know how much roboquad is but pleo is £250 from argos if your english it’s better than roboquad i have one.

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