Mobile Robot Telerobotic Hand Gesture Control

Hand gestures are one but a few of the methods used in telerobotic control. This type of communication provides an expressive, natural and intuitive way for humans to control robotic systems to perform specific tasks. One benefit of such a system is that it is a natural way to send geometrical information to the robot such as ; left, right, forward and backward hand gestures. Human-robot interaction using hand gestures provides a formidable challenge. This is because the environment contains …

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3 thoughts on “Mobile Robot Telerobotic Hand Gesture Control

  1. Here it can track …
    Here it can track only x and y. There is a waving option (although not shown here) – when the user waves his hand at a specific location of the screen the system allows him to start controlling the robot. This to disable/enable robot control.

  2. If the software can …
    If the software can track x, y and z movements of the hand, what additional layers can be incorporated? Time? Like, if I wave my hand at a certain rate, or lack of waving for a certain duration?

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