MINDSTORMS NXT® portrayer robot

This robot draws portraits, elaborating photos and images.
The software on the PC is developed under MATLAB®, following the ideas of Claude Baumann and his students at http://www.restena.lu/convict/Jeunes/ultimate_stuff/Erik_s_xy_plotter/E_xy_plotter.htm (Erik’s XY plotter).

The hardware is LEGO MINDSTORMS NXT® and a soft tip pen.
Made by Daniele Benedettelli in 2008. More details at http://robotics.benedettelli.com

Duration : 0:1:32

[youtube _ogQuLdEcBY]

11 thoughts on “MINDSTORMS NXT® portrayer robot

  1. i have an nxt and …
    i have an nxt and thats really incredible!
    very good job!

  2. A compact but …
    A compact but impressively functional arm design and programming at it’s best
    Absolutely BRILLIANT!

  3. o my :O
    This MUST …

    o my :O
    This MUST be one of the most awesome robots around at this point of time!

  4. The zero position …
    The zero position is set at startup. two PID controllers run in parallel to control precisely the arm joints angles, using the built-in encoders.

  5. superb!

    amazing …

    amazing even the drawing looks like a real person, and not like a plotter.

    way to go!

  6. That’s very, very …
    That’s very, very impressive, especially the programming.

    I like the hardware too. Does the arm work with the rotation sensors all the time, or are there also some mechanical reset points?

  7. oh… my… god… …
    oh… my… god… this is exactly like what happened in that book “The Invention of Hugo Cabret” (good book with lots of pictures and ridiculously little amount of text)

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