Spring 2009 Battlebot Highlights from battlebot competition

Highlights of the Battlebot competition in Piqua Ohio, April 2009.
This was a 15 pound weight limit battlebot class.
If you were there, then you prolly saw me walking around filming everything.

See my other videos for seperate videos of some of the full matches!

No copyright laws were intended to be broken with this video. If there are any problems, talk to me.
The songs in this video are not complete or original, they have been cut, spliced, and further modified.

Duration : 0:5:27

[youtube huYAvLP1LEk]

10 thoughts on “Spring 2009 Battlebot Highlights from battlebot competition

  1. awesome i havent …
    awesome i havent seen battle bots in ages they canceled that show on tv a couple years back and i have missed them ever since

  2. Great video–I …
    Great video–I posted it on the DTMA Regional Bots Program Facebook page. There is info there about future events, how to get involved etc, so I hope you will check it out.

  3. It was at the Upper …
    It was at the Upper Valley JVS. Right next to edison college and home depot.

  4. Where was this at …
    Where was this at in Piqua? This has got to be the closest robot combat fight to me in Richmond IN. If I knew about it I would have come out.

  5. I think they are …
    I think they are going to have another one in the fall. Not sure if it will be held at the same place though.

  6. Awesome video man! …
    Awesome video man! That was a blast, and the teams had the best sportsmanship i ever saw!

    Josh Raichel
    Main Driver/Creator of “Redemption”

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