Japanese Robot HRP-4C

The HRP-4C, a walking, talking humanoid fashion model fembot developed by Japans National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology, With 30 motors in her body, the 158-centimeter (62-in) tall, 43-kilogram (95-lb) HRP-4C can walk around and strike a range of poses, The black-haired robot also has 8 motors in her face, allowing her to wow the crowds with expressions of simple emotions like anger and surprise.

Duration : 0:3:11

[youtube 9bRq-A-9E9s]

4 thoughts on “Japanese Robot HRP-4C

  1. All these japanese …
    All these japanese “humanoid” robots are pathetically incapable of normal walking. The guys from Boston Dynamics are decade ahead with their “Big Dog”.

  2. Interesting !! …
    Interesting !! Maybe she can trade her legs for the fembot Aiko’s voice.
    She had her outfit designed by George Lucas. She does look a bit like ” Gally ” from ” Battle Angel Alita “. Just a little, though.

  3. It will develop a …
    It will develop a ghost eventually, and nobody will know how to control it.


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