BattleBots Are Coming

After a seven-year hiatus, BattleBots returns this year on ESPN. Here’s a music video thing of various robot fights (some BB, some not) to celebrate.

UPDATE: The tournaments have been held and are finished. The show will be in the editing process for the summer and should show up on TV in mid- to late fall. The official site mentions “CBS College Sports”. I don’t know if that’s a subchannel or what, but I’m uming CBS owns ESPN. I’m not a wiz at TV corporate ownership trivia.

-Rules are being put in place to discourage the boring wedges that used to make for lame fights. All robots MUST have active weapons, and the arena won’t be totally level, which messes up low-built bots (Screw you, Voltronic, and your cheating ways).
-The competition focuses mostly on Middleweights and Heavyweights, both with higher weight limits than before.
-A new Anything Goes class with no weight limit has been added.
-The site says the competition was filmed in late April, and is complete, with 280 hours worth of robot footage that needs to now be edited and touched up so the best fights can go on to TV.

Footage is NOT from the new competition.
Music: Command and Conquer III

Duration : 0:3:30

[youtube rVQF13WlTeM]

4 thoughts on “BattleBots Are Coming

  1. I heard November. …
    I heard November. Sounds reasonable – there was a six-month gap from tourney to TV with Comedy Central.

  2. Has ESPN announced …
    Has ESPN announced when they will air it? I read on the BB Twitter that BB sealed a T.V. deal. They gave a link but it doesn’t work. I know the Tourney is this week so it can’t be too far away.

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