Toonami Promo – Advanced Robotics

Another past memory, dug up. I remember seeing this and getting shivers down my spine.

Duration : 0:2:5





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  1. Stickygod Avatar

    I’m not sure but …
    I’m not sure but the that robot is called Big O. He’s really cool

  2. 777Fear Avatar

    What show is that …
    What show is that from on 0:51

  3. jmsurb323 Avatar

    I loved this promo …
    I loved this promo when I was growing up!

  4. magnahelix Avatar

    Actually it was a …
    Actually it was a guy from Kids WB that took over CN, that’s why CN started airing shows from the KidsWB lineup and some good shows that should’ve been CN’s only were thrown to KWB in their effort to jump up their ratings, we all know CN at its prime was killing every other channel, including KWB even though they belong to the same company.

  5. q45nigga Avatar

    i remember watching …
    i remember watching this but thinking whiy are the dbz characters in their

  6. brokenpromisedreams Avatar

    This was back when …
    This was back when cartoon network was the best station ever, what happened man, it just plays got-ass shows.

  7. enigmatic247 Avatar

    yea dudes the 90s …
    yea dudes the 90s was the golden age for alot of things

    with toonami and the shows they ran just being one of them

  8. unionofonion Avatar

    Toonami was …
    Toonami was everyone in the 90s golden age, zeroX735.
    Sadly some dumbfuck took control of CN (problably some mook from the disney channel.) that ruined it for us all.

    The only (and I do not overexaggerate this one bit) reason that CN got it’ ratings was BECAUSE of toonami…I bet if all of us took over CN it would be watchable again…We’d put stuff like looney toons and johnny bravo back on and if the FCC has any complaints then they could go suck for all we care!
    Fuck those holes!

  9. unionofonion Avatar

    They think their …
    They think their channel is better off without toonami..They’ll learn the error of their ways.
    Eventually they will realize that mimicking the disney channel will ruin them and they will be faced with the decision…Remove adult swim or turn adult swim into toonami or put toonami back on every weekday and only use cartoons for their channel and give up on this *reality* business or have their channel bought out and completely removed at this rate.

    Without toonami CN is useless, magicalwesto.

  10. Daily0rgy Avatar

    You could always …
    You could always tell what show toonami had just picked up because it was mostly clips from that show in their promos XD

  11. Redrhyno68 Avatar

    Lol…… one of …
    Lol…… one of the first AMVs

  12. magicalwesto Avatar

    Everyone who is …
    Everyone who is watching this call or email cartoon network and tell them to put toonami back on. and on weekdays. WE CAN BRING IT BACK!

  13. Hoodstar1991k973 Avatar

    Everyday after …
    Everyday after school I always watched toonami and now that its gone my childhood is gone now. I loved toonami.

  14. zeroX735 Avatar

    I’m gonna miss …
    I’m gonna miss those true anime classics…and the old days of Toonami…

  15. swissdogg7 Avatar

    stop watching …
    stop watching cartoon network and send hate laters

  16. Dirigible46 Avatar


  17. Heliospathe Avatar

    Golden age of anime …
    Golden age of anime. 🙁

  18. pimpsauce57 Avatar

    Oh, thanks for …
    Oh, thanks for telling me.

  19. sneakL Avatar

    That was Batman and …
    That was Batman and Superman the movie, Justice League was not around yet, when this promo was advertised.

  20. 1K1DD23 Avatar

    I like how the …
    I like how the announcer said “calculating thier New World Order” lmao thats what is currently happening right now with the swine flu, Rfid chips, and what not lol

  21. Javatom Avatar

    I got the chills …
    I got the chills watching this… Good memories.

  22. shane87smith Avatar

    wow, kinda creepy …
    wow, kinda creepy eh?

  23. pimpsauce57 Avatar

    The Big O?
    Justice …

    The Big O?
    Justice League?
    Dragon Ball Z?
    Outlaw Star?
    Gundam Wing?
    BLUE SUB 6?

    Talk about Win.

  24. druid54us Avatar

    LOL typical bad …
    LOL typical bad toonami promos…good times.

  25. UchihaHimitsu Avatar

    Shivers! Holy crap. …
    Shivers! Holy crap. I have been looking for this forever! Thanks for putting it up.

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