WoW Mountain Dew Battle-Bot Fight!

WoW Mountain Dew Promo Battle-Bot Pet fight!

1) Go to the Mnt Dew site
2) Click on the Redeem Button (Bottom Right like you did to get the pet)
3) Change the “” in the url to.
4) “” (Just change the us, to eu)
5) then log in on the EU battlenet site, and choose your Fuel!

Duration : 0:0:36

11 thoughts on “WoW Mountain Dew Battle-Bot Fight!

  1. when the both have …
    when the both have fuel they r like red named enemies they will attack if they spot them

  2. weird i didnt get …
    weird i didnt get mine yet even though it said it would be there today D:

  3. “This is now fixed …
    “This is now fixed in Europe and pets already mailed to players will be removed during rolling restarts tonight. ” Confirmed it works only for US accounts

  4. i got this pet on …
    i got this pet on the EU server 😀 lovely little exploit..

    Red plus Blue, a fight will brew. when the colour’s are same, all will be tame.

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