Mountain Dew Battle-Bot for WoW. Dueling!

I hope this get’s around and gives people an idea of what needs to happen to obtain this cool “combat” companion.
Step 1. Visit and click the “MTN DEW GAME FUEL IS BACK” Box
Step 2. Click it again once it zooms in.
Step 3. In the new screen there is a Large Horde and Alliance bottle….by the Alliance side there is a box that say “The Battle-Bot Pet: Claim now and fuel up” Click it
Step 4. You will now be prompted to login to your BATTLE.NET ACCOUNT (read: your wow account must be merged to continue)
Step 5. If you have not claimed your pet yet, congratulations you should login to check your in game mail and you should have one waiting for you…..
If you already have your pet please continue to step 6. (or if you wish to know what to do the day AFTER you get your pet)
Step 6. If you already have a pet you will be prompted to select which type of Fuel to get (only 1 can of fuel per day) (I picked red first then blue the next day)….neither has drawbacks or disadvantages.
Step 7. Login and check you in game mail. you should have your desired can of fuel waiting for you.
Step 8. Repeat step 6-8 every day to continue fueling your robot…hopefully at the end of the promotion they grant it unlimited fuel.

That is the complete way to obtain this pet and the fuel. Enjoy battling your friends, and watching the psychotic metal monsters glitch all over the place.

Creator: Mourne – Darrowmere
Character filmed: Carbonic – Darrowmere
Software used: Vegas video, WoW, Fraps
Song played: Survivor – Eye of the Tiger
Credit to the Tauren who challenged me in the first place.

Thank you for watching.

Duration : 0:3:33





4 responses to “Mountain Dew Battle-Bot for WoW. Dueling!”

  1. vvolfsol0 Avatar

    Yeah cause at the …
    Yeah cause at the start of the video when they ran away when i was standing still clearly indicates movement is the problem.

  2. Geroniax Avatar

    don’t move, idiot…
    don’t move, idiot…

  3. vvolfsol0 Avatar

    I am totally aware …
    I am totally aware I am a nerd ^_^. But I’m also pro cause I managed to make this while I supervised Jackson play in the backyard /flex

  4. LeslieAndHolly Avatar

    man you’re a nerd! …
    man you’re a nerd! haha, this is Leslie btw. You should watch my videos :]

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