5 thoughts on “Pathfinder Robot

  1. all that and it …
    all that and it doesn’t even vacuum. Looks like a reverse engineered I-robot.

  2. Reminds me of a …
    Reminds me of a contest I took part in where one had to program Lego robots to clean a certain area on the ground (simple quad) and clean it from dirt while avoiding big obstacles. Collision detection is very funny with robots 🙂

  3. Cool Robot man!

    Cool Robot man!

    awesome work!
    abb toh ASIMO (Honda’s humanoide) ki chutti ho gayi!

  4. Its a pretty simple …
    Its a pretty simple one.
    It uses a 8051 microcontroller, stepper motors,mechanical sensor, and a algorithm for decision taking after collision. Navigates through open loop control.

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