I-ROBOTS – LAWS OF ROBOTICS – OPILEC MUSIC – OPCM CD 001 The Pandullos I-ROBOTS is back with an eclectic sound project again released with his close people, Und, Nemesi, Tuscania, Marconi, (Marco Palmieri, Terry Ann Frenken, Alessandro Lestino) and with a new collaborations with N.O.I.A. the kult Italian 80s electro wave disco band & with Spacy X young producer from Belgium he love to introduce. The LAWS OF ROBOTICS project is released for OPILEC MUSIC by Gianluca Pandullo (pls cfr “Introducing Opilec”). Inspired by Isaac Asimov “L.O.R.” complete project includes six tracks (cfr. credits) released for 3 EPS parts (as the original Asimovs Laws Of Robotics) with club versions and one CD with a bit different radio edits plus two bonus tracks: an unreleased remix of the I-Rs hit “Frau” and an I-Rs exclusive remix made for N.O.I.A. of Korowa Milk Bar. One of the track included in the project, called “Perfect Logic Circle”, was licensed to Ornaments Music last July 2008 as “Kind Of Intrigue”, also in the project, is included in the forthcoming “For An Old Dope New Aesthetics”, a cd-compilation by Pizzico Records (Italy). L.O.R is absolutely a club oriented project, availing itself of 90s Chicago Deep House & Detroit Dub Techno influences, a sort of direct evolution of early 80’s Italo Electro Disco & Balearic Cosmic moods also his Hip-Hop culture inspiring his robots to rap. Tracks list: 01 – I-ROBOTS – PERFECT LOGIC CIRCLE featuring MARCONI (C.D. Edit) – 08’13 02 – I-ROBOTS – BROTHER MAN featuring TUSCANIA (Original Version) – 08’22 03 – I-ROBOTS – COME TO HARM featuring NEMESI (Original Version) – 09’21 04 – I-ROBOTS – OWN EXISTENCE featuring TUSCANIA (C.D. Edit) – 05’41 05 – UND – ASIMOV STORIES (I-Robots C.D. Edit) – 06’33 06 – I-ROBOTS – KIND OF INTRIGUE featuring MARCONI (C.D. Edit) – 09’47 07 – I-ROBOTS – FRAU featuring SPACY X (Unreleased Remix) – 09’07 08 – N.O.I.A. – KOROWA MILK BAR (I-Robots Remix) – 09’59 The atmospheres sound danceable but sometimes very dark and deep, nearly to say: “robots and technology are our friends, we went over the typical human fear belonging to the old millennium, but new era menaces are always in ambush”. That’s true: the world west evolution is showing off right now its weak points, after hundred years of civilisation, industry and technology the void of speculation and anti-msytical oriented culture are coming out and starting to scare for real. This sort of disease is no doubt present in Isaac Asimov’s literature as in most of the science fiction hystorical works. The Pandullo’s L. O. R. recovers this concepts with a cold House style, cinedelic dialogue samples and dramatic atmospheres but synthetic grooves and lots of cultivated dance history subpoenas. Listening to Laws Of Robotics eps is like to watch Fritz Lang’s Metropolis from a dancefloor: cold, robotically accurate but full of hidden human feelings meaning that in 2008 there’s no more fear of U.F.O., no more fear of God’s judgement, no more fears of industrialization but still fear of ourself and what will be of Human Race. Italians do it better I-ROBOTS IS SYSTEMATIC !!! http://www.opilecmusic.com http://www.myspace.com/irobots http://www.myspace.com/pandullo http://www.mypace.com/opilecmusic http://www.myspace.com/nemesitorino http://www.discogs.com/artist/Gianluca+Pandullo http://www.discogs.com/artist/I-Robots http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj-page.aspx?id=7039 http://www.residentadvisor.net/record-label.aspx?id=2443

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