AVR Simple Robot

This was a 1hr build time robot that works very well for quick stuff.

There’s not much to it – it some bend sheet metal with modified servos driving bottle cap wheels. The controller is a ATmega32.


Duration : 0:1:25

[youtube AMwOG8IihIk]

13 thoughts on “AVR Simple Robot

  1. @elobire – you …
    @elobire – you ume speed is all that matters. The robot in these videos have no intelligence (and arguably aren’t proper robots) – they need sensors and any sort of environmental interaction logic more they need speed.

  2. I think in my …
    I think in my thesis, I’ll put some vaccum over there and voila…!!!

  3. There really isn’t …
    There really isn’t much to it. See the description for a link to my project page. That talks about modifying the servos for constant rotation and building H-bridges in them. Other than that just bend some sheet metal and strap everything to it.

  4. it would be cool to …
    it would be cool to build and its cheap also well…to play with my dog =)

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  6. Check the updated …
    Check the updated description. There isn’t much to this robot. The “modified servos” become geared motors with built-in H-bridges. The wheels are bottle caps tacked to the servo shaft. The body is a bend piece of sheet metal to hold the battery and controller (ATmega32).

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