ABB Robotics – Picking pancakes

ABB Robots installed by RG Luma are helping specialist food company Honeytop to speed up its pancake production and improve health, safety & hygiene. William Eid a director of Honeytop comments “This is our first investment in robotics technology and we have not experienced a single issue sincethe installation 6 months ago”

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  1. pinkturnstoblue Avatar

    aww, I want a …
    aww, I want a pancake robot!

  2. indybudd Avatar

    The implementation …
    The implementation of these robots is brilliant. The commentor refering to it as “the final solution” on the other hand… oy vey! lol

  3. libraryscout Avatar

    Awesome robot! …
    Awesome robot! Hopefully the workers will seize the factory. What would be better than a worker-owned pancake co-op? Not much!

  4. celderian Avatar

    I don’t understand …
    I don’t understand what’s wrong with using robots to replace humans in this kind of repetitive works. Shouldn’t that allow the blue-collar class to be entirely absorbed in the white one?

  5. MasterMayhan Avatar

    I think the people …
    I think the people commenting about the loss of possible jobs are crazy. The fact that a factory exists that produces pancakes is a testament to the quest for simplification creating more jobs. Its just the job that changes. I bet the ABBRobotics guys are happy they have a job

  6. LosDelMango Avatar

    As someone who …
    As someone who doesn’t have anything to do with this field, it always astonishes me that something that appears so technologically complicated is cheaper than hiring people to do the same job. Impressive stuff, robotics chaps.

  7. crestind Avatar

    So awesome. Stuff …
    So awesome. Stuff like this is long overdue. In fact, it’s a pancake factory. Why does it have workers at all?

  8. blinkstock182 Avatar

    Extremely …
    Extremely impressive integration. I’m glad someone is implementing technology that will help out companies like this.

  9. icegibbon Avatar

    I see how it can …
    I see how it can improve health, safety & hygiene, but the people were manually checking the pancakes with their bare hands before they went to the robot!

  10. luserspaz Avatar

    Anything that can …
    Anything that can be automated eventually will be. Hopefully we find jobs that are less mindless to replace them!

  11. CRAKIZGOOD Avatar


  12. delphiking Avatar

    This is FAST!
    This is FAST!

  13. ABBRobotics Avatar

    Why so?
    Why so?

  14. ABBRobotics Avatar

    Reply by Alan Jones …
    Reply by Alan Jones of Honeytop.

    There is a strict hand washing regime at Honeytop but they don’t use gloves

    When the video was taken the cooking process was still being developed so pre inspection of pancakes was highly manned and pancakes turned over to be inspected as well. Now the process is stable and results predictable so inspection is visual and by taking samples only off the line.

  15. armyofmeisbliss Avatar

    I find this …
    I find this somewhat depressing.

  16. ABBRobotics Avatar

    I have asked the …
    I have asked the ABB Robotics training team to what they can come up with.

  17. ABBRobotics Avatar

    The simple fact is …
    The simple fact is that people are no longer prepared to do this kind of work because of the very high risk of developing Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI). Machines are the only viable long term solution.

  18. ABBRobotics Avatar

    United Kingdom
    United Kingdom

  19. ABBRobotics Avatar

    This installation …
    This installation is in the United Kindom

  20. MrTaranteeno Avatar

    0: 48 ‘Operators …
    0: 48 ‘Operators check the pancakes’ WITH THEIR BARE HANDS!! UGH!!

  21. MrTaranteeno Avatar

    0:48 ‘operators …
    0:48 ‘operators check the pancakes’…. WITH THEIR BARE HANDS! UGH!!!

  22. hunterwalk Avatar

    Skynet started this …
    Skynet started this way. Watch out!

  23. fabitas Avatar

    “Because we dont …
    “Because we dont have jobs”
    I am sure, sadalite, that you have written that comment with ink and in a piece of paper and sent it to youtube by mail, just so many people don’t lose their jobs: the postman, the librarian, the ink producer, etc..
    You are all a bunch of luddites!

  24. sadalite Avatar

    no, more …
    no, more specifically it means they fired people that used to do it and that f’n robot does the job now. And rich people wonder why no one is buying their products anymore. Because we dont have jobs!

  25. Digeridude Avatar

    Decreased labor …
    Decreased labor costs means they cut some workers’ paychecks to afford the robot.

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