Balancing Robot

This is a very simple robot that uses a simple switch as a sensor and stands on only two wheels with inverted pendulum mechanism.
When the robot is going to fall the motor starts and moves the robot to the direction it is going to fall, so the motor torque about the center of gravity that is higher than the motor makes the robot balanced.
You can find the tutorial of making this robot at
You can also find the tutorial of making this robot at

Duration : 0:0:42

25 thoughts on “Balancing Robot

  1. The track is called …
    The track is called “Triage at Dawn” and is from the official Half-Life 2 soundtrack. I got my physical copy with the Half Life 2 Gold bundle. It may still be available on Valve’s online store.

  2. like the music, …
    like the music, robot could use some work, consider lowering the upper casing to lower the fulcrum?

  3. Hey won’t your …
    Hey won’t your robot be more stable if you increase the height of the batteries? If it’s taller it will take longer to fall over and I think it will stay upright longer that way.

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