Robots in the House

Rocketboom Tech correspondent Ellie Rountree talks about the advancement of home robots from 1982 to today.

This episode was made in collaboration with Intel!

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Story Links:

NYT: Planning Domesticated Robots

Android Amusement Corp

Boys and Robots Will Be Boys

Tomy Omnibot 5402 From 1984 in Action!

Omnibot 5402/TR5000 By Tomy

Talking Robie 2

Furby Commercial 2000-Ain’t No Furby Like Mine

Personal Robots CYE

Cye Pictures

First Generation Roomba Commercial






Paradise Robotics Lawnbott Evolution LB3210

Husqvarna AutoMower at work



Personal Robotics in Pittsburgh

Autonomous Manipulation (IRP2008)

Duration : 0:3:43

[youtube VpNcEuvQVA8]

25 thoughts on “Robots in the House

  1. I’m glad that I’m …
    I’m glad that I’m both young enough to see robot servants in my lifetime but old enough that I’ll probably die before the robot revolution.

  2. I like Ellie, she’s …
    I like Ellie, she’s gorgeous and a good presenter. Sometimes she makes the freakiest facial expressions which is kinda funny.

  3. Can’t wait till …
    Can’t wait till they have those bending robots. I’ve heard they’re kinda sassy. 😀

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