Dragonfly robot filmed

Witness the world’s first winged robot in action. It’s flappin’ brilliant.

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  1. nemesisnick66 Avatar

    kewl but annoying
    kewl but annoying

  2. Masterfoot Avatar

    I have one. Unless …
    I have one. Unless you have a big open indoor space like that, it’s not easy to operate. Outdoors it gets knocked about by the wind a lot.

  3. LauraSeabrook Avatar

    It’s a “hunter / …
    It’s a “hunter / killer” from DUNE! 😉

  4. tmvebb Avatar

    surprisingly, even …
    surprisingly, even tho I never got a tail ribbon, I can fly the fragonfly for 1u1/2 mins strait!!

  5. KonohiEman Avatar

    Im getn 1 soon. …
    Im getn 1 soon. How far can they go with da signal?

  6. YoYoSmileALot Avatar

    Haha yeah, it’s …
    Haha yeah, it’s very fun, I hope you like it 🙂

  7. askwica Avatar

    have it buys last …
    have it buys last day and i need to wait to fly it cuz its a cristmas prezent

  8. wildfemale Avatar

    Yup! I’ve bought …
    Yup! I’ve bought one today. It’s my first day of flying (or trying to) and it’s VERY difficult. I’m afraid I’ll damage it before mastering the art of flying.

  9. wildfemale Avatar

    The pilot has 6 AA …
    The pilot has 6 AA batteries (not included;)) and the dragonfly is charged from it. It charges about 20 minutes and flies up to 10 minutes afterwards.

  10. LamenessFTW Avatar

    battery life?
    battery life?

  11. goddom Avatar


  12. Hartman98372 Avatar

    My brother bought …
    My brother bought one of these a couple months back , he said it was very difficult to fly, but that it takes mastery. Not too expensive either under 40 USdollars I think he said.

  13. gabrielbelmont Avatar

    Simpsons Did It!
    Simpsons Did It!

  14. shitpickle1128 Avatar

    or a camera that …
    or a camera that records

  15. NoUsernameAvailable Avatar

    Looks like great …
    Looks like great fun… but would be more impressive if it had sensors and an autopilot mode where it randomly flew around a room.

  16. ial35 Avatar

    kiero uno (^.^)
    kiero uno (^.^)

  17. ShmellyEggz Avatar

    It’s movements look …
    It’s movements look real

  18. Bryce10011 Avatar

    your not supposed …
    your not supposed to fly it full throttle, if you slightly pusth the throttle it will fly strait and wont go up and down

  19. dredayhey Avatar

    the best thing …
    the best thing would be a video camera attached to it, so when you fly it you can see what it sees, kinda like the spy video car toy,also it would be cool if you could post the vid on youtube to see what it sees lol

  20. 4indigenouspeople Avatar

    it’s amazing , soon …
    it’s amazing , soon you won’t need neither dogs nor cats nor fish nor flowers…just buy an artificial one a robot… repulsvie

  21. ishallpass Avatar

    Too …
    Too Annyoing sounds and unstable control

  22. TheOwlMan Avatar

    Because we are …
    Because we are guaranteed the right to privacy by the constitution/bill of rights.That settles it.I’am dillusional,because not only does that kind of technology not exists (That looks 95% REAL)but even if it did,why would “they” be spying on little ole you and me? Things like that are only for the “terrorist’s right?
    Have a good laugh at my comments,and go back to sleep,there’s nothing to see here…


    ps.But if your “Awake”,why not click on my username to learn MORE…

  23. TheOwlMan Avatar

    VERY good! But the …
    VERY good! But the two (DragonFlies) I saw were far more advanced that were probably developed by the CIA,or “other” related agency (And yes I KNOW that they weren’t “real” dragonflies.They looked like it,but not quite.Sorta like when you see those Fembot’s from a distance,they look real,but upclose you can tell what they really are)
    But who am I? I”am just some “nut” on the net who is either dillusional,making a joke,or trying to get attention.Yeah,that’s it.I mean they couldn’t be spying on us

  24. milk4ever2 Avatar

    if u put a mini …
    if u put a mini camera on it that would be sick but illegal

  25. Scarlohara Avatar

    Yeah, this is …
    Yeah, this is better than any other fly RC vehicle I have ever seen, yes ,it’s a vehicle, becuase you steer it, a robot steers itself.

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