Our Coming Robotic Society – Paul Saffo

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Futurist author Paul Saffo predicts a gradual shift to a robot-based economy for the Japan and the United States, and discusses impacts for the remaining human workforce.


Paul Saffo discusses Embracing Uncertainty: Connecting Policy to Long-Range Forecasting.

A movie star as governor? No way! Planes hitting skyscrapers? The stuff of horror films! Forecasters struggle to anticipate an ever-stranger geopolitical reality. In this moment of unprecedented uncertainty and change, says Saffo, it is tempting to conclude that forecasting is as dangerous as it is futile.

In fact, connecting short-term policy to long-range forecasting is surprisingly easy – and absolutely crucial to meeting the challenges before us. All it takes is a simple shift in perspective and a few common-sense heuristics.

Saffo is a legendary technology forecaster, with over two decades of experience exploring long-term technological change and its impact on business and society – The Commonwealth Club of California

Paul Saffo is a forecaster and strategist with over two decades experience exploring long-term technological change and its practical impact on business and society. Paul is Chairman of the Samsung Science Board, and serves on a variety of other boards and advisory panels, including the Stanford Advisory Council on Science, Technology and Society, and the Long Now Foundation, as well as the boards of several public and pre-public companies located the United States and abroad. He is also a Fellow of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences and has served as an advisor and Forum Fellow to the World Economic Forum, which in the late 1990s named Paul one of its “100 Global Leaders For Tomorrow.”

Paul currently serves on the Board of the Institute for the Future and the Long Now Foundation. He is also the Chairman of Samsung Science Advisory Board.

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7 responses to “Our Coming Robotic Society – Paul Saffo”

  1. super8hogan Avatar

    it is far fetched …
    it is far fetched and I respect your opinion. What you are talking about would create a world that celebrated mediocrity. No poor, no rich. Mediocrity should never be celebrated. But, it may happen just like you say, in the future

  2. Domzdream Avatar

    Yes, but the rest …
    Yes, but the rest of the world still had the money factor. Imagine if there was no money, where scociety took care of you as long as you took care of it in turn. I wonder how it would work? Also, where there was communism, there were’nt any human rights invented yet.
    My ideas are obviously is far fetched but I know that it’ll replace the money with a card where all your details, including your medical info will all be on that card. It’s in current research already.

  3. super8hogan Avatar

    that didn’t work …
    that didn’t work the first time when it was called Communism

  4. nerdelicious5 Avatar

    lol, I never …
    lol, I never understood why people would want flying cars…if they crashed, you’d get hit AND fall 50 feet or whatever to the ground.

  5. Domzdream Avatar

    Wow. Yes. Imagine …
    Wow. Yes. Imagine living in a society where everything you want is provided for you, as long as you live up to your working standard. If there was no money, then there would be no crime. Like nobody would need to steal a tv if society provided a huge tv for you. You wouldnt sell it for money because money wouldnt exist. Quite an interesting topic.

  6. super8hogan Avatar

    the same type of …
    the same type of people were talking 30 years ago about all of us using flying cars and other shit

  7. neotoy Avatar

    We won’t be doing …
    We won’t be doing anything without cheap energy. 20 years from now we may be back in the fields with all our electronic devices (including robots) rusting away in some dark corner.

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