11 thoughts on “Zaurus

  1. Dude we used to do …
    Dude we used to do that at school with the old BBC computers. When i was like 8. sry if i offended you. but isnt it about time we stopped wasting materials and just left that type of thing to the experts.

    By the way. i have better things to do with my life than waste it on building these things.
    and he’s about to hit 5yrs old.
    theres my robut as you so intelligently named it.
    Begining to wonder why we waste so much time and resorces on useless endeavours like this.

    There resource wasters.

  2. Guys. come on, that …
    Guys. come on, that was shit. they dont even deserve any. hey well done’s.

    Dumb frikin machine cant even go up efficiently. least they could of done was give it fukn legs.
    Might of been impressive then.
    Stupid uni kids. looks like sommit from a 60’s robot horror flick.

    My opinion. Ive done better in my sleep.

  3. thats so cool! ha …
    thats so cool! ha ha the way it moves up is kinda creepy lol reminds me of a spider lulz awsome

  4. that design qould …
    that design qould be great for a city bot, it combines the the adaptibility of legs, with the efficiancy of wheels.

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