How to: Lego Motorized Battlebot Guide

Since I’ve built 19 robots and countless other failures I decided to share what I know about building lego robots and making them run to the best of their abilitys. The guide is showing the construction of my newly built battlebot called the drop zone.

I tried to make this video as un-boring as possible but if you want to build a good sturdy battlebot then hopefully you can get a few ideas or lightbulbs popping over your heads out of this.

**Extra building hints (arn’t in the video):

when your building be sure to keep any rare pieces that you find because even though they seem pointless now, they may prove to be a big part of your creation and if you used it somewhere else where you could have used another block or technic piece that would have done the same, you’re screwed. What I mean by rare is that you only might have a few pieces of the same kind of them in your lego tub or whatnot. (it’s happened to me countless times, it’s a small thing but very annoying).

any weaponry that you made or removed from a robot try to keep it intact, taking the weapon apart when you don’t need to, to find out you need it again after you’ve taken it apart is a pain.

Clearing up, tank tread type steering is when there is atleast 1 motor per wheel/tire making it be able to turn on the dime. Unlike the regular rack and pinion, or linear steering system you dont have to move the vehicle forwards or backwards to get it to turn.

Pretty much thats it, if I think of anything else or you have questions just ask me.

Duration : 0:7:39

[youtube MUMFoLYOqco]

7 thoughts on “How to: Lego Motorized Battlebot Guide

  1. im going to BEG my …
    im going to BEG my dad till he lets me take apart his superbuggy(anybody remembers it?) that would give me a lot more parts to build with, since im more handy with those old bricks with studs AND holes in it, and then get some money to buy a motorthingy!

  2. mindstorms thing?

    mindstorms thing?
    for power functions everything you need to build a rc vehicle is available. reciever, power, controler and motors. NXT I do not really know how that works but I believe that you need to either download a remote program of some sort or create your own program.

  3. think about it how …
    think about it how does a tank steer? its not a regular rack and pinion or linear steering. it uses 1 motor per track and they can turn simoultaneously to either make the robot turn or drive straight. with a controller, thats why i suggested power functions because wiring and rc. is all straight forward.

  4. good tutorial but …
    good tutorial but ye it told me what i need but how the am i going to find out how to wire it up so it works with a controler and whats the tank sterring thing about this went passsed my head a bit but o wll i will just wait another 4 years and then hopfully i will be abul to do stuff like this 🙁

  5. mostly I got from …
    mostly I got from sets. Motors from internet. I got a huge bucket of lego when I was like 5 that I dont think you can buy anymore.

  6. How much lego do …
    How much lego do you have!?!?!?!
    lol did u buy all in sets, like motors and stuff?
    you got tonnes lierally!

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