Lego Battlebot: Rampage, Special request bar spinner.

Requested by Courthousedoc:

Based off the battlebot Hazard, a middleweight Horizontal wedge bar spinner in the old show battlebots.

*I’ll have a video of a real fight hopefully up in a few days so for now this is it.

Duration : 0:2:39

[youtube a-H3_m8WOjM]

9 thoughts on “Lego Battlebot: Rampage, Special request bar spinner.

  1. I believe a …
    I believe a crushing robot in lego would be quite innefeciant seeing as you can’t get that power/strength out of lego. It might be able to like bend a cardboard box but a crusher would be inneficient in a battle. Unless it had a good drive motor and the claw acted as a “grabber”.

  2. can you make a …
    can you make a blendo robot you know waht jammie hyneman did in robotwars

  3. yeah but the new …
    yeah but the new version would wreck it and wreck you if you stuck your hand in it.

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