Shoddy Battle # 22: BattleBot

Well I decided I should check out the PokeExperte server after I heard a few good reviews there. When I got there it was a german dump. Like, only two members were on. But I was pretty intrigued by BattleBot. Its level of AI wasn’t the best, but it seemed good for testing teams. I really needed it, I thought there could be a lot hiding in my team. I haven’t had the time to improve it yet but I will. Since the BattleBot’s AI level sucks, I managed to cram 3 of our battles into one video without making any super fast or anything.

In some of them Gyarados and Mamoswine did an excellent job of sweeping. I never knew Ice Shard + Curse worked so well. Also DD Gyarados turns out awesome. And Reflect Cresselia with Blissey is also awesome. This is what I meant by having a lot hiding in my team. The problem with Battlebot is that it doesn’t predict or switch out. It makes setting up a whole lot easier, which is why Gyarados and Mamoswine did so well. I was looking forward to facing some ubers, actually. But it seems BattleBot doesn’t have em. Oh well. Yet again I compiled a small question and answer piece in my description.

Q:Your old team is better, why are you using this?
A:I’m also doing this for the fun of using a new team, not only because I want to get a better team. It may seem my old team is better, its just because I’m used to it and I can use it better. I am occasionally going to use my old team

Q:Why do you use so many OU Pokemon?
A:There is a reason they are called OVER USED Pokemon

Q:Why not use different, original movesets?
A:I will tend to that when I’m improving my team

Q:General details?
A:My username on the Official Server is Machiki, and also on the Pokeexperte server, Smogon University Server and Doug’s CAP Server. Check out my channel for other general details

Duration : 0:6:36

[youtube s76WCxcKYzk]

8 thoughts on “Shoddy Battle # 22: BattleBot

  1. I watched some …
    I watched some other ppl battle BattleBot and they lost lmfao. I can beat it but not own it 3 times!

  2. cool, 3 freakin …
    cool, 3 freakin times! I guess your new team does possess some potential, although I’m sad I may not see the Cintematry sweep again, but oh well, Gyarados does it pretty ok

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