UNH Battlebot Destroys Microwave

The robots name is Smash & Wrecker.

Thanks to the University of New Hampshire Electrical and Computer Engineering Department and all of our sponsors especially Black & Decker for their contributions, without them none of this could have been possible!

This is the Finalized Robot taking it to a microwave.

We will be competing at Robogames 2010 in San Mateo California on April 23-25th!

Duration : 0:2:11

[youtube eYumCq4Tewg]

6 thoughts on “UNH Battlebot Destroys Microwave

  1. No wonder it’s weak …
    No wonder it’s weak, it’s powered by black & decker!

  2. This is so weak I …
    This is so weak I find it difficult to believe a college would want their name associated with it. It has no power, the hammer is ineffective the saw blades couldn’t cut through warm butter without stopping and it is large and cumbersome.

  3. Nice, i like the …
    Nice, i like the saw blades on the side of the robot. One thing though, that hammer doesn’t look like it’ll do too much damage. I’d turn the mechanism into a lifting arm.

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