Armadillo Aerospace 2000ft Rocket Robot Roll Vane Flight

A flight to 2000ft AGL of an Armadillo Aerospace “Mod” VTVL rocket, with a shiny new actuated roll vane, 2010/06/22.

Rather than using cold gas thrusters to move the vehicle around the vertical axis (roll), an aerodynamic surface is actuated to provide roll. In the split screen, it’s the aluminum plate on the right; the camera is pointed straight up. The view on the left is looking straight down, to show the roll orientation over time.

Duration : 0:1:13

[youtube -q-cO3z6BsI]

2 thoughts on “Armadillo Aerospace 2000ft Rocket Robot Roll Vane Flight

  1. Nice, I like how …
    Nice, I like how you can tell it’s falling back down to earth by the roll vane going opposite 45. The green drogue shoot deploying by accident at touchdown looked sorta like the lander got a bit too excited at the end…..

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