Tetris-Bot (TI DSP + Lego NXT robot)

Tetris-Bot is a Tetris-playing robot. Jay Leno would say “How lazy are we getting? Now robots play games for us!” Well, not exactly, but I agree, we are getting lazy. I made it in order to engage my kids in a fun and educational project. Tetris-Bot consists of a camera, a TI DM6437 DSP board (running my embedded vision and artificial intelligence algorithms), and a three-finger NXT robotic hand (that presses the keys on the computer keyboard). I was inspired by the NXT Rubik and Sudoku solvers and the Segway-like NXT robots. Unlike them, Tetris-Bot is not an NXT-only system, because the Brick has a limited input bandwidth. That’s why I use a TI DM6437 DSP board to analyze the images coming from the camera, recognize the new shape, and find the best place and orientation for it. The instructions are communicated to the NXT robotic hand via LEDs on the board. HOPE YOU LIKE IT !!!

Duration : 0:3:50


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  1. gami323 Avatar


  2. brattty13 Avatar

    can it play other …
    can it play other games like pac man or something i love tetris though

  3. ArthurD125 Avatar


  4. BranislavKisacanin Avatar

    @Zblj1987 Hvala! …
    @Zblj1987 Hvala! Sem se rodil in odraš?al v Novem Sadu. Zdaj živim v? Ameriki. 🙂 BK

  5. Zblj1987 Avatar

    Thats just crazy …
    Thats just crazy AND lazy 😀 Bye the way what country are you from, because your name reminds me on mine (Slovenia).

  6. mhordekaos Avatar

    Skynet Detected!
    Skynet Detected!

  7. MsDeadDude Avatar

    Wow thats useless …
    Wow thats useless but still cool

  8. Evi1M4chine Avatar

    Not special. You …
    Not special. You only need a small script to automate Tetris playing. Its extremely simple. Speed is what makes it hard for *humans*. The rest is just pointless I/O made for humans: Input: webcam ? black/white contrast enhancement ? grid tiling ? 2d array of bits; Output: left/right/turn/down bitfield ? bitflip toggles state transition function of fingers. ? that function calls motor start, delay and motor stop.
    Easy peasy.

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  10. BranislavKisacanin Avatar

    @Zeidler These are …
    @Zeidler These are the same questions I am trying to answer myself. On one hand, I am tempted to keep working on Tetris-Bot, on the other hand, it served the purpose I had for him – keeping my kids’ focus off the games for a few weekends. If I decide to keep working on it, that will be over the summer, focusing on the AI algorithms. If I decide to release it to public domain, it will likely be the Open Source for the Leopard Board. Or just sell it on eBay and get rich 🙂 BK

  11. BranislavKisacanin Avatar

    @Zeidler What did …
    @Zeidler What did you mean by “keep developing this little guy?” Isn’t he perfect already? 🙂 BK

  12. Zeidler Avatar

    That’s really cool …
    That’s really cool actually, are you planning any other similar projects or will you keep developing this little guy – and if so, how?

  13. QPOproZaC Avatar

    @SoulblinderAD …
    @SoulblinderAD without the “geeks” with too much time we wouldn’t have anything what you today take for granted, like electricity, computers,, etc, etc. Advacement in technology must start somewhere even if it’s “only” a robot playing tetris..

  14. sw0rd0fadvers1ty Avatar

    @BranislavKisacanin …
    @BranislavKisacanin Haha, good thinking!

  15. BranislavKisacanin Avatar

    @sw0rd0fadvers1ty …
    @sw0rd0fadvers1ty This project was meant to creatively engage my kids so I disconnected the sound so that we don’t find out 🙂 BK

  16. sw0rd0fadvers1ty Avatar

    Does the little …
    Does the little dude ever swear? I use to swear up a storm playing Tetris.


    nice work, now get …
    nice work, now get it to play TETRIS GRAND MASTER

  18. goku3002 Avatar

    Sweet, you should …
    Sweet, you should see how high of a level it can play at.

  19. johanflod Avatar

    wow, looks really …
    wow, looks really cool !

  20. BranislavKisacanin Avatar

    @allah69 Sorry, …
    @allah69 Sorry, never did a serious competitive test. I was happy to see it play at level 1 🙂 BK

  21. allah69 Avatar

    Wow, that’s really …
    Wow, that’s really impressive. Just curious, what level can it get to?

  22. BranislavKisacanin Avatar

    @yytrezaa Thanks!? …
    @yytrezaa Thanks!? I did not release it into the freeware / open source. I might in the future, perhaps as Beagle Board open source.:-) BK

  23. BranislavKisacanin Avatar

    @barbnjon84 Thanks …
    @barbnjon84 Thanks Jon! 🙂 BK

  24. BranislavKisacanin Avatar

    @yytrezaa Sorry, no …
    @yytrezaa Sorry, no blog, no Facebook, at least not yet 🙂 BK

  25. barbnjon84 Avatar

    Outstanding and …
    Outstanding and amazing! But from you I expect nothing less… Jon Sanders

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