25 thoughts on “Keepon dancing to Spoon’s “I Turn My Camera On”

  1. He keeps his rhythm …
    He keeps his rhythm better than most dancers at the club.

  2. @masterofblight I …
    @masterofblight I haven’t laughed so hard at a comment on youtube in weeks. For real.

  3. dancing shoes – 50€ …
    dancing shoes – 50€
    dancing lessons – 500€
    realizing two tennis balls glued together dance better than you – priceless

  4. @STangoFox


  5. Soon enough Skynet …
    Soon enough Skynet is going to take over the world and enslave humanity, so get your Keepon so you can dance into humanity’s downfall by our robot overlords!

  6. @Rori4evaa You and …
    @Rori4evaa You and me both!!!! I’ve been watching this video for years waiting!!! I absolutely want one of these. LOVE, LOVE HIM!!!! <3

  7. This is a better …
    This is a better discovery than the very electricity that powers it.

  8. just give these …
    just give these little to:
    bin laden
    kim jong il
    joe biden
    michael moore
    alvin greene
    and the world is at peace, my friends.

  9. awww I want it =D!! …
    awww I want it =D!!!!!!!!!! must get Keepon =D

  10. i sell some cool …
    i sell some cool stuff
    so if u could even just take a look
    i would be very happy
    but if you don’t
    that’s okay
    your loss

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