Robotics at USC Upstate (Robot sensing danger)

This is a little demonstration of an example program that a student would write in the Introduction to Computer Science course at USC Upstate. The Mindstorm is going to spin around and use its sonic distance sensor to detect if there is any ‘danger’ in the area. As soon as a dangerous object is placed closed by the Mindstorm, it is detected by the distance sensor. The Mindstorm lowers its lance and takes the danger out.

Duration : 0:0:34

[youtube TaddssN-oaQ]

2 thoughts on “Robotics at USC Upstate (Robot sensing danger)

  1. That tiger paw is …
    That tiger paw is definitely dangerous. You should make it recognize the tiger paw from a set of items, then pick on it 😉

  2. This makes me smile …
    This makes me smile Dr. van Delden!!! I love it!

    much luv for the upstate!
    -Nicole Tobias

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