Robot Wall Racers

Want to make Robot Wall Racers yourself?

Note: YouTube video quality sucks! Much better quality here:

Wall Racers was made by 2 cheap (and crap driving) RC cars. I gave them sensors (SRF05), tuned with an extra battery, and gave them own logic / “robot-brains” (Picaxe 28).

Primary target is to stay close to the wall, drive fast, and overtake the other ๐Ÿ™‚

I would love to make this as a toy, we could add all sorts of cool features, so if anybody out there..? ๐Ÿ™‚

You know where to find me:

Duration : 0:2:15





25 responses to “Robot Wall Racers”

  1. mahmoud98100 Avatar

    cool idea

    cool idea

  2. MetalheadAlex9 Avatar

    has one ever gotten …
    has one ever gotten away from you? just took off down the street?

  3. VeryTucker Avatar

    Blue and green leds …
    Blue and green leds underneath em.

  4. naxps Avatar

    thats awsome none …
    thats awsome none the less.

  5. naxps Avatar

    i assume it’s …
    i assume it’s tiring work. what with the wild chase with those vehicles.

  6. naxps Avatar

    Oh it’s a fantastic …
    Oh it’s a fantastic seasoning.

  7. DrkGK Avatar

    awesome dynamic …
    awesome dynamic camera! truly captured the excitement of these little toys :]

  8. KilledCookie Avatar

    it would be cool if …
    it would be cool if they had a GPS module. That combined with a detonator? Too much fun. “look, it’s a little car with eyes, mommy! I’m going to take it!” BBBBOOOOOMMMMM “Ow, my hand!

  9. RustyNex Avatar

    these are really …
    these are really great little cars well done!

    what if you were to chuck another range finder on the side of the car so that it could keep close to the wall, that way they wouldn’t cut corners when they slip on the smooth floor, just an idea, keep up the great work

  10. mirabilis Avatar

    Do you like salt? …
    Do you like salt? You got at least 5 boxes there! XD

  11. Thirit Avatar

    those cars are …
    those cars are awesome!

  12. rogertangodotcom Avatar

    Way cool idea! …
    Way cool idea! PICAXE chips are great fun! Thanks for sharing!

  13. fritslyneborg Avatar

    it is driving by …
    it is driving by itself, that is the whole deal ๐Ÿ™‚

  14. oliviaandcarter Avatar

    do you have a …
    do you have a remote controll controlling it or is it doing it by itself?

  15. starbitee Avatar


  16. louredsknight Avatar

    me too plz make me …
    me too plz make me one lol nice gj

  17. monkfg Avatar

    Wow, perfectly …
    Wow, perfectly executed idea!

  18. hominidae7sp Avatar

    …O_o humm! those …
    …O_o humm! those are Coooooool toys!!

  19. Treblaine Avatar

    Man that was so …
    Man that was so cool, 5 stars. If i wasn’t already trying out several other online builds i would give this a go, but it makes you think, why hasn’t anyone tried to sell RC cars with this built in? Not many people have the time or patience to build something like this but they sure have the green to pay for it.

    My suggestion, patent this combination of RC car and sensors and work out a sales plan. Maybe I’ve been watching too much Dragon’s Den but I think you could make a pretty nifty profit!

  20. lrover03 Avatar

    I need a couple of …
    I need a couple of those to wear my cats out so they’ll sleep at night, LOL! They would go mental chasing those cars around the house. :))

  21. mistertfool Avatar

    that was pretty …
    that was pretty entertaining. they’re just unpredictable enough to keep the race exciting.

  22. OCDNinjaXD Avatar

    robots are better …
    robots are better drivers than people are.

  23. TGseason10 Avatar

    Wow, really cool ๐Ÿ˜›
    Wow, really cool ๐Ÿ˜›

  24. vhdcrusher Avatar

    dude. duuuuude. …
    dude. duuuuude. you, sir, have the most awesome hobbie ever. kudos.

  25. Nestalgia1 Avatar

    Cool idea.
    Cool idea.

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