LSC Battle Bots 2010: Round 1 Blade

This is the battle bot that my team built for our design concepts class. As you can see from the results we had a few malfunctions, luckly we were able to correct them between battles. The result of the tooth coming off the blade was I had used a plasma cutter to make holes for the screws of the teeth to hold, whether the heat or the holes were to big cause it to come off. The reason of the wheel was that the set screw for the motor was not tight enough.

The other team was from a High School.

Result was a WIN

Duration : 0:2:22

[youtube YKWqNI9erk4]

3 thoughts on “LSC Battle Bots 2010: Round 1 Blade

  1. @stangshcky12
    the …

    the floor was still warped, some bots had trouble moving sround if they were to close to the ground but for the ones who had good clearance there were no problems.

  2. did they do …
    did they do anything to fix the floor in that arena? Last year at nationals there was alot of warpage from sand blasting so alot of bots were getting high centered. It doesnt look like you guys had much trouble

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