BattleBots – Warhead vs Darkstar (Voice Over Edit)

BattleBotsTV – Warhead vs Darkstar (Voice Over Edit)

Duration : 0:4:7

[youtube F3pHR_Uipds]

6 thoughts on “BattleBots – Warhead vs Darkstar (Voice Over Edit)

  1. @sparkey989 I think …
    @sparkey989 I think they’re just showing Ankle Biter vs F5 as an example of what bot Ankle Biter is. Mobius hasn’t been revealed yet.

  2. @sparkey989 A lot …
    @sparkey989 A lot of credit is given to Mobius for feats that were actually done by other robots. If Mobius did half the stuff they said it did, it would have to be in several different places at the same time and run a 35-hour day.

  3. they screwed up lol …
    they screwed up lol when they said mobius made his deput against anklebiter, that was actully F5, not mobius

  4. god this is awesome …
    god this is awesome. i really wanna know who did the music for the show. its kickass lol

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