Doomsday Xtreme: Battlebot Mayhem!

The first time the full group got together. Boy we had a blast. Built 3 new robots and used 1 stock.

Who built/drove who?:

Blade: Josh
Neglegeant: Kent
Hazardous X: Josh
Woops I died :D: Zac

(Kent Vs. Josh there were a few scores to settle).

Duration : 0:5:53

[youtube ie0v08qjCLY]

8 thoughts on “Doomsday Xtreme: Battlebot Mayhem!

  1. looked cool… I …
    looked cool… I guess… but the tower holding the spinnning bar was relatively weak.

    Do you have any power functions or mindstorms… lego motors?

  2. yes it has its …
    yes it has its flaws. I fixed them but I’m sure its not completely invincible 😛

  3. oh yeah it’s …
    oh yeah it’s definetly a lifter… you can kinda tell from the way the front wedge is designed and from its speed lol.

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