Review: Robot Damashii – Evangelion-01

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My second Robot Damashii review hits the stage with more Evangelion goodness. Notice a trend? Yeah, while I probably should have went after Chogokin or Revoltech Evangelions for wider releases, I decided to be a whore to Bandai, and collect the Robot Damashii versions. I had a great time reviewing Evangelion-02 a while back, and Evangelion-01 is no exception. How does it compare to Eva-02? Let’s fine out.

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Duration : 0:8:8

[youtube 91_bTPFALko]

12 thoughts on “Review: Robot Damashii – Evangelion-01

  1. @MechaBlazeEagle …
    @MechaBlazeEagle S.H.Figuarts and Robot Damashii are some of the most stable figures that are that highly detailed I’ve ever owned. With my experience from Revoltechs, I can say that Robot Damashii are far more stable and solid then them.

  2. How stable/solid is …
    How stable/solid is the fig? Is it built well so nothing comes apart too easily? It’s not fragile is it? Thanks!

  3. Whoa, these …
    Whoa, these damashii’s are very small :\
    hoped it would be bigger..

  4. Guns are called …
    Guns are called Pellet Guns.
    The replacement horns are made out from different materials, if you don’t want to bend it/don’t want to brake it.

  5. @spidervic24 No, as …
    @spidervic24 No, as I haven’t gotten around to seeing Code Geass yet. 😀

  6. ah bad memories- …
    ah bad memories-never watch end of eva
    I collect the revoltech versions-i perfer the rev eva1’s to RD because they look more feral to me–and Eva rider kicks

  7. @TFfan7 Derp. …
    @TFfan7 Derp. Thanks man, I can’t believe I didn’t notice that. lol

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