Basic Stamp 2 Tutorial for Robots (part 3)

This is the third part of the Basic Stamp 2 tutorial for Robots.

You will find out the infinite loop and how to light a LED or a LASER

Duration : 0:9:18


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  1. NiftyProductionz Avatar

    Wow thanks for this …
    Wow thanks for this tutorial, it’ll surely give me a head-start for the Robotics class I’m going to take in 10th grade at school. It was the only video which actually has PBASIC Stamp for use on BOE-BOTS. For What I’ve seen so far Stamp doesn’t seem as hard, unlike C++ I’ve been trying to learn. But I’ll try my best. :). Keep up the Good Work!

  2. togaida Avatar

    This is a pretty …
    This is a pretty good primer on the Basic Stamp 2, if anything this gives an indepth explanation of how to use the Basic Stamp 2 and what exactly is it doing this interaction/medi is better then reading the book, I want to thank you for making these videos, I understand using the Basic Stamp 2 and it’s programming more now than I did reading the book, keep up the good work! Also, would you know how to make the Larson light effect? on BS2? Google it, I only hav it going one way.

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