7 thoughts on “BattleBots 09 Rough Live LineCut Brutality vs Root Canal 5 of 5.m4v

  1. Glad to see all the …
    Glad to see all the old builders from the show are still competing. Donald Hudson still builds the coolest bots….I see this fight as the new generation of bot builders vs the old builders.

    Brutality – new generation of Hazard…more destructive.
    Root Canal – one of Hudson’s beastly new creations.

    Battlebots has the foundation to make a return….they just got to reawaken the eye of the big media companies. Seriously do these companies not realize how big Battlebots can be again?

  2. I like this style …
    I like this style better. I’m a fan of robot combat in general, so I watch Robot Wars, and I think the style of how they showed the tournament was better, all the matches, 1 commentator (I don’t for this as much), but I prefer the fights in Battlebots, because they are more destructive.

  3. this video needs …
    this video needs the sound effects. The WPI bot was pretty cool, it takes a good bot to beat Mutant Robot’s creations.

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